Clear Horizon Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jan Noah [email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Wed, 23 Aug 2023 00:26:00 GMT Wed, 23 Aug 2023 00:26:00 GMT Clear Horizon Photography: Blog 120 80 Virtual Sandia High School Craft Fair 2020 Hello,

Please feel free to review my website. I am offering photo notecards which are blank inside with envelope. The price is $3.00 each up to a quantity of 9; 10 or more the price is $2.50 each. For higher volume of cards 30 or more, please let me know for further volume discount.

I have a variety of matted prints ready for framing. The matted print prices are as follows: 5" x 7" are $6 or 2/$10; 8" x 10" is $15; 11" x 14" is $25. Also, I have an assortment of photo mouse pads for $15 each.

If you are interested in a particular subject that is not seen on the website, I'm happy to check. The website is a representation of my work.

Please contact me directly for orders via email. We can make arrangements for payment and delivery. My email is [email protected]

Thank you and I appreciate your business!

Jan Noah

[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Sat, 19 Sep 2020 21:28:58 GMT
2019 Craft Show Schedule Here are my show dates for this fall:

  Asbury Methodist Church:  November 2nd 9-3

  Cleveland Middle School:  November 9th 9-4

  La Cueva High School:  December 7th 9-4

Hope to see you at one of them!


[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) 2019 craft show Tue, 24 Sep 2019 17:28:55 GMT
2018 Craft Show Schedule I have events scheduled through September with more to follow as the dates become available.

  La Cueva High School Spring Show: May 5th 9-4

  Albuquerque Railyards:  May 13th; June 24th; July 22nd; August 12th; Sept 9th  all dates from 10 - 2

  Asbury Methodist Church:  November 3rd 9-3

  Cleveland Middle School:  November 10th 9-4

  Sandia High School:  November 17th 9-4

  La Cueva High School:  December 1st 9-4

Hope to see you at one of them!

[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) craft show Tue, 17 Apr 2018 01:52:04 GMT
2017 Fall Craft Show Schedule Here's the list of my shows. Hope to see you at one or more of them!

     St. Paul's Methodist Church       9/29 - 9/30

     Asbury Methodist Church          11/4

     Sandia High School                   11/18

     La Cueva High School               12/2  9-4 My space will be in the Cafeteria.



[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) albuquerque craft shows 2017 Mon, 25 Sep 2017 23:52:47 GMT
Come to the Rail Yards Market in Albuquerque My summer schedule for the Rail Yards is set so please drop by if you're in the area. My dates are May 21, June 25, July 23, August 20, and September 24. The Market is on Sundays from 10 - 2. Hope to see you there!

Albuquerque Rail YardsAlbuquerque Rail Yards

[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Tue, 16 May 2017 20:08:48 GMT
Bosque del Apache A sunrise visit to Bosque del Apache provides a beautiful setting. Many bird species are present with high numbers of Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes. This wildlife refuge is home to many migrating birds during the winter months.

Morning Light at Bosque del ApacheMorning Light at Bosque del Apache

Blue HeronBlue Heron

Snow Geese Lift OffSnow Geese Lift Off

[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Birds Bosque del Apache New Mexico Fri, 13 Jan 2017 04:21:48 GMT
Antelope Canyon Unworldly and incredibly beautiful sandstone is found at Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. The slot canyon was formed by water running through it for centuries. It has very special meaning for the Navajo people and a must visit for any photographer!

Falling SandFalling Sand


Navajo SandstoneNavajo Sandstone


[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Navajo Sandstone Slot Canyon Wed, 19 Oct 2016 21:31:00 GMT
Hawk's Aloft Event This organization with many dedicated volunteers rescues injured birds of prey. They are rehabilitated, but are unable to be released into the wild again. These wonderful birds serve an educational purpose to the area.


Red-tailed HawkRed-tailed Hawk


Western Screech OwlWestern Screech Owl

[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Birds Birds of Prey Hawks Owls Tue, 23 Aug 2016 22:37:15 GMT
2016 Arts and Crafts Show Schedule Here is the lineup for my shows. I hope you can come to one or more! I will have lots of cards, matted images and gift items. If you need something sooner, please contact me.

  • NM Railyards - Albuquerque - July 17th 10-2
  • NM Railyards - Albuquerque - August 21st 10-2
  • NM Railyards - Albuquerque - September 18th 10-2     
  • Asbury Methodist Church - November 5th
  • Tramway Community Church Arts and Crafts Fair - November 11th-12th
  • La Cueva High School Holiday Show - December 3rd
  • Eisenhower Middle School - December 10th 


[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) 2016 Arts and Crafts Schedule Wed, 29 Jun 2016 01:53:02 GMT
Birding at Capulin Springs Capulin Springs located in the Sandia Mountains is known for a great site for seeing many different species of birds especially in the spring. There is a small amount of water which brings them in. Stay for a few hours to see the show!

Hairy WoodpeckerHairy Woodpecker

Male Northern FlickerMale Northern Flicker MacGillivray's WarblerMacGillivray's Warbler

[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Birds Flicker Mountains Woodpeckers Fri, 17 Jun 2016 00:01:38 GMT
A Trip to Tucson A photo hunting trip to this southwestern city was rewarded with classic images of saguaro cactus and architecture. It was an enjoyable stay.


Saguaro SunsetSaguaro Sunset


Tucson El Presidio DistrictTucson El Presidio District

[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Adobe Cactus Saguaro Sunset Mon, 23 Nov 2015 03:15:00 GMT
2015 Arts and Craft Schedule Here is my show schedule this year. I will have matted and framed images, cards, and other gift items. If you are in the area, please stop by!

  • Asbury Methodist Church - November 7 
  • Tramway Community Church Arts and Crafts Fair- November 13-14
  • La Cueva High School Holiday Show - December 5-6
  • Eisenhower Middle School - December 12 
[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Arts and Craft Show Schedule Sun, 30 Aug 2015 19:29:53 GMT
A Stay in Chama, NM A quick midweek visit to Northern NM found a full Chama River from recent rains and a nesting Great Horned Owl with three chicks. Also, there were many other varieties of birds present. Seeing those owlets was a special treat.


After the Rain at the Chama RiverAfter the Rain at the Chama River


Great Horned Owl ThreesomeGreat Horned Owl Threesome



[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Chama River Great Horned Owls Thu, 18 Jun 2015 21:36:26 GMT
Bosque del Apache Even though the counts of visiting migratory birds at the Bosque del Apache are lower this season, there are still an abundant amount to view. As always the geese lifting off or the sandhill cranes landing in the field are exciting to see.




Snow Geese Lift OffSnow Geese Lift Off


[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Bosque del Apache Migratory Birds Tue, 13 Jan 2015 23:45:26 GMT
Two of My Favorite Things in October What's not to love about two beautiful things - hot air balloons in the sky and the changing of the leaves in the fall! Both are truly spectacular happenings. The fall color has been extended since the weather has been warmer. All the more reason to get out seeing it before it's gone.



Jemez RiverJemez River


Golden Aspen TrailGolden Aspen Trail




[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Fall Color Hot Air Balloons Sat, 25 Oct 2014 15:14:34 GMT
Northern Minnesota Northern Minnesota near the boundary waters provided a big contrast to New Mexico with lakes everywhere and green all around. I enjoyed photographing loons each evening. This is the state bird, not the mosquito as many believe! There were fabulous sunrises and wonderful sights to see.


Kawishiwi SunriseKawishiwi Sunrise


Loon SpeakLoon Speak

[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Loon Northern Minnesota Sunrise Fri, 15 Aug 2014 02:27:39 GMT
Taos, New Mexico Taos provides lots of traditional New Mexico's charm through pueblo style structures and beautiful scenery. Come and spend some time to see a great part of New Mexico.


Ranchos de TaosRanchos de Taos


San Francisco de Asis ChurchSan Francisco de Asis Church



[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Pueblo style Southwest Taos Sun, 15 Jun 2014 03:38:25 GMT
2014 Arts and Crafts Show Schedule Here is my projected show schedule this year. I will have matted and framed images, cards, and other gift items. If you are in the area, please stop by!

  • La Cueva High School Spring Show - May 2
  • NM Arts and Crafts Fair at Expo NM - June 27 - 29
  • Ruidoso Art Festival - July 25 - 27
  • Los Alamos Fuller Lodge Art Fair - October 18
  • Asbury Methodist Church - November 1
  • Tramway Community Church Arts and Crafts Fair- November 14 - 15
  • La Cueva High School Holiday Show - December 6
  • Eisenhower Middle School - December 13
[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Arts and Crafts shows Fri, 02 May 2014 20:10:48 GMT
Mesa Verde National Park Mesa Verde is rich in history and beauty. These cliff dwellings date back from 700 AD through 1300 AD of Ancestral Pueblo people. Cliff dwellings are viewed up close and across canyons. A late spring snow storm was an unexpected surprise. Mesa Verde is a very special place to visit.

Spruce Tree HouseSpruce Tree House


Navajo CanyonNavajo Canyon


[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Cliff dwellings Landscape Wed, 30 Apr 2014 18:22:56 GMT
Bosque del Apache in January It is high season at the Bosque del Apache with thousands of Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes in addition to many other birds. Each morning the geese and cranes lift off to go to fields for the day and return near sunset. It is a truly beautiful sight.


Sunset at Bosque del ApacheSunset at Bosque del Apache











Snow Geese Lift OffSnow Geese Lift Off


[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Birds Landscape New Mexico Sat, 01 Feb 2014 05:37:00 GMT
Southern Florida  

A great time photographing scenery that is completely different from what I am used to. The ocean, different plants and wildlife are wonderful to see.


Sunrise at Pompano BeachSunrise at Pompano Beach


Pelican LandingPelican Landing














[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Birds Ocean Tue, 21 Jan 2014 03:20:46 GMT
Hawks Aloft Photo Event The mission of Hawks Aloft is to conserve wild birds and their habitats through research and education. Many dedicated volunteers ensure the success of this organization. Burrowing OwlBurrowing Owl


[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Birds Owls Wed, 20 Nov 2013 00:57:24 GMT
Fall Color is Everywhere This has been a spectacular fall season for wonderful variety of color. Warm days and cool nights have let the colors last longer.

Pond ReflectionPond Reflection


Fall in Corrales BosqueFall in Corrales Bosque



[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Fall Color Tue, 12 Nov 2013 03:10:28 GMT
A Trip to Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks Located between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, a trip to this national monument is worthwhile to see the cone-shaped tent formations. The Canyon Trail takes visitors through Slot Canyon and atop the trail gives a view of the Jemez, Sangre de Cristo, and Sandia mountains. It is a great way to spend part of a day to see some amazing geology.

View from Canyon Trail at Tent Rocks

[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Landscape New Mexico Thu, 15 Aug 2013 23:43:36 GMT
A Visit to Capulin Springs Capulin Springs is a great place to see a variety of birds. The morning I went I counted 15 different species. There is a water source which accounts for all of the birding activity. There was a surprise visit by a brown bear. Thankfully, he was just interested in the water and not the photographers there!

[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Birds Wildlife Sat, 25 May 2013 21:55:21 GMT
Wildlife Rescue Photo Event I had a special opportunity to photograph some beautiful birds through the Wildlife Rescue of New Mexico organization. This volunteer group cares for injured and orphaned wildlife.

[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Owls Sat, 04 May 2013 23:13:27 GMT
A Trip to the Zoo I love photographing animals at the zoo. You never know what expression or behavior you'll see. Wildlife photography is a favorite of mine because it's a chance of being at the right place at the right time.

[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Animals Wildlife Zoo Mon, 18 Mar 2013 17:34:40 GMT
Route 66 Trip A ride down Route 66 is a fun way to relive some of the past including a visit to a ghost town in Cuervo, NM. The Blue Swallow Motel is a classic found in Tucumcari, NM.

A Blast from the Past


[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Ghost Town Route 66 Sun, 13 Jan 2013 23:08:02 GMT
Bosque del Apache It is Sandhill Crane and Snow Geese time at the Bosque del Apache. This wildlife refuge is home to thousands of birds over the winter months. A thrilling sight is "blast off" when the geese all fly at the same time!

Blast Off

[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Apache Bosque Geese Snow del Mon, 26 Nov 2012 17:39:52 GMT
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2012 Another balloon fiesta has come and gone. It was rough start the first weekend because of weather, but the second weekend ended perfectly. Sunday's farewell mass ascension was spectacular. The special shapes were up, the sky was blue, and the winds were light. The Bees are a favorite as always.


[email protected] (Clear Horizon Photography) Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Hot Air Balloons Special Shape Balloons Mon, 15 Oct 2012 04:28:34 GMT